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Welcome to Cambridgeshire Celebrates Age, which aims to promote the well-being and improve the quality of life of older people throughout the county.

We do this by producing an annual events programme and local listings which are based on:

  • promoting active living to keep fit and healthy
  • reducing social isolation, trying to reach those most vulnerable
  • promoting intergenerational work between older and younger people
  • challenging age discrimination
  • showing and valuing what older people do and achieve.

The annual October programme includes one-off special events taking place in and around October.

The 2017 Local Listings have arrived!

Now available are our Local Listings for 2017. They cover, in separate editions, Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire and East Cambs/Fenland/Huntingdon.

The listings provide information about regular and activities for over 50s throughout Cambridgeshire. We don't claim that we have gathered in everything that happens for older people. It's a snapshot of what we know about. If you know of any key activities we've missed, please contact us and we'll publish regular updates on this website. Where possible we have included websites for the listed activities, so you can explore further.

You'll find copies of the listings for your local area at local council offices, libraries, community centres, doctors' surgeries and community organisations. If you would like a copy you can also contact us.

Once again, the range of things to do and get involved in is wide, varied and interesting, Please join in, enjoy and continue to Celebrate Age!